Elementary Program

Utah’s Leading Autism Elementary School

Carmen B. Pingree is Utah’s leading autism elementary program for the treatment of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our Center utilizes ABA Therapy (applied behavioral analysis) to structure specialized curriculum and treatment. Our certified ABA clinicians ensure that your child will have an enriching experience during their scholastic journey as well as offer resources for families that will establish life-changing results.

Elementary Program Curriculum

The autism elementary program follows the general Pingree curriculum, programming based on Rethink Autism, and functional life skills. Following the Utah State Board of Education guidelines, academic rotations in math, reading, and language are incorporated for those children who require structured academic groups. Some individualized programs might focus on the academic skills in a functional manner such as using calculators for math in a grocery setting, color identification for sorting laundry, matching fractions to measuring cups for independent cooking, etc.

Target staff to student ratio is 2:1, however, more group presentation instruction may be utilized to enhance peer to peer learning, relations, and social development. Learning sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes each for the majority of the day.

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